by Verardi Art Advisor, 22 April 2016

If you want to purchase a work of art either because of your love for art or as an investment, bear in mind that you will not purchase a luxury good only. This is due to the fact that the art market is characterized by a lack of transparency and information asymmetry that often make buyers, driven by the desire or the impulse to buy, pay far too much for a purchase.
As all works of art are unique for quality and provenance, before purchasing any of them it is pivotal to evaluate their market value. To do so, the art dealer not only needs to have a high degree of expertise in analysing and estimating the work of art in question, but also in comparing it with other similar pieces. This means that he also has to be highly knowledgeable about its distinctive characteristics and history too. Finally, if you want to buy art as an investment you could go for works either made by young talented and professional artists or by established ones and that somehow have been underestimated or victims of the market speculations.

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