Patronage and Public Art

by Verardi Art Advisor, 22 April 2016

From the classical period onwards, the Patron’s personality has been defined as the expression of “individual generosity committed to public needs“ and high moral principles and values, like dignitas. This is why figures are often recognized as an ethical model.
From the interviews to the new patrons emerge that private citizens, companies or associations describe their mission according to their calling and policies. So, each of them must receive proper recognition and acknowledgement since their primary aim is always and already to nurture art and make it extremely enjoyable and available for everybody. In this way they produce desirable outcomes regardless of the reasons that spurred individuals into action.

Running a patronage project means to cope with the art market substantial limitations, and therefore with barriers posed by our country’s bureaucratic and legal system procedures especially when it comes to define what is public and collective as such. Whatever the aim might be, the project has to be carried out with professionalism, competence and passion so as to grant the patron’s full recognition for his outstanding devotion and dedication to art and the project itself.

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