by Verardi Art Advisor, 22 April 2016

Selling an artwork or a complete collection could be hard. In fact, you would have to part with an artwork you are very fond of and understand the arbitrary and general rules by which the art market is governed, without having extensive and expert knowledge.
You have to be able to analyze every characteristic and feature of a work of art in order to estimate accurately its value, the market there is for it and consequently entrust an institution or somebody who gained a certification of authenticity.

After analysing you have to decide on the best way to sell the work of art according to its potential. Selling a work of art through a reliable gallery, private negotiation or auction, is likely to be rewarding, yet each of them has advantages and risks that you have to take into account and think over too. Understanding the art market does not only mean to know the value of a work of art but also rules, services and costs that characterize it, so as to be able to set the right price.

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