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Buying art is a two-stage process, the emotional and the rational.

The first time I bought a work of art was during an auction of the Bridge, an exciting and frightening experience at the same time. Looking at the catalogue for days to see if it would have been my first work, studying the price to make sure I invested my money well, going to see the preview to make sure it was in perfect condition and falling in love. And then the day of the auction, the adrenaline of the competition and the hope that few people had noticed what for me was my little masterpiece.

I studied the art market at university, I knew all aspects of it theoretically, my knees were shaking. Ten years have passed, now I know that at my first auction I didn’t know even half the rules of this fascinating world, but the thrill of finding the right work and winning it hasn’t changed a beat.

Buying art is a two-stage process, the emotional and the rational. The first illuminates, like a spotlight in the theater, a canvas in particular among dozens of paintings on display. It is never a specific theme that attracts us, it is not the size or the colour. It is the communicative power that only some works have, the subjective beauty that will affect only some people, those who will have the right sensitivity for that message. Because every artist speaks a language that can only be understood by those who know its meaning, because they carry it with them as an ancestral gift or because they have been lucky enough to learn it. The second phase, the rational one, comes when we decide that it is not enough for us to have found beauty, but that we want to take it away with us. Buying art, at this point, also becomes a matter of numbers and rules. It will be necessary to understand who the artist is, what his value in the history of art is – or could be in the future – if the work is authentic or just a fake, if the theme that has fascinated us represents it or is a solitary work, if the price that requires the gallery owner, the auction house or the private owner is correct.

Buying art means buying ideas, dreams, cultural revolutions. Real fragments of genius. Understanding its quality and value is not easy, but possessing beauty is a privilege that repays, every day, the collector who has managed to see it. My job is to help you do it.

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