Why avail yourself of the opportunity to work with an Art Advisor?

The artist Brian o’Doherty wrote: “The military zone that divides artists and collectors is full of and travelled across by guerillas, delegates, spies, smugglers and supporters of these opposite factions busy to negotiate and mediate between morals and money”. The artist, arguably, places too much emphasis on one of the most peculiar aspects of the art market.

We buy art mainly for passion and aesthetic appeal, driven by desire, that it is not guided by the logic of economics and analysis. Art is the most exclusive luxury good since it has need of both an exceptional inclination for beauty and culture (basically the characteristics and skills which define a collector) and wealth.

However, what makes a work of art so exclusive it also makes its market so complex. In fact, the art dealer has to be able to evaluate the work of art and therefore to understand its value in the market which regrettably, is by no means totally transparent as it should be. Furthermore, one must be knowledgeable about rules and procedures, since choosing the right partners requires reliability, commitment and professionalism. This is what an art advisor is supposed to do.



Private Collectors

The value of a collection does not depend only on the quality of the works of art it is made up of, it is also based on the coherence and homogeneity…



If you want to purchase a work of art either because of your love for art or as an investment, bear in mind that you will not purchase…



Selling an artwork or a complete collection could be hard. In fact, you would have to part with an artwork you are very fond…


Evaluations and Estimates

If you want to sell a work of art, understand how much your collection is worth or the potential market value of a work of art it…


Company Collections

Creating an art collection can be a turning point in presenting and enhancing the company’s image. In the publication “A Celebration of Corporate Art…


Patronage and Public Art

From the classical period onwards, the Patron’s personality has been defined as the expression of “individual generosity…


After getting a degree in architecture in Polytechnic University of Milan and gaining relevant experience as an art critic, Caterina decides to follow her great and consuming passion for art and its market. She graduates with honours in Art, Markets and Assets in IULM University of Milan and after some collaborations with auction houses and institutions, she devotes herself to consultancy as a sole trader.

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Galleria Strasburgo 3, 20122 Milano – +39 338 8743781 – caterina@verardiartadvisor.com

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